Number 16 of 52 Portraits in 52 Weeks

This is based on Annie Hamman's LifeBook 2018 class. (Which you can still sign up for.) I went with different proportions and I wanted to do something in lavender and gray ... but it didn't end up that way, and the lavender became violet and got a little lost.

The palette for the face includes my favorite quidacridone nickel azo gold. The other colors are cadmium red and teal. And of course, titanium white. The background is with a couple of Jane Davenport's inks (grass green and violet) and black acrylic ink and the quidacridone nickel azo gold in fluid acrylic form. And believe it or not, I picked up a ton of color with paper towels......

And I forgot to take progress photos.

Edited to add: no, I didn't! Here's the initial sketch where you can really see the texture!

Here's the final pic.

One eye is still a little larger than another. Somehow in the painting, one of them shrinks. So I made the smaller one larger, but not quite large enough.


  1. she looks a contented soul, like the bit of cross stitch
    does she have a name?
    much love mum


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