The Halfway Mark to 52 Portraits!

What a journey this painting has been on. First, it’s been sitting on my easel for a long time, the recipient of leftover paint from earlier portraits. I used a brush at first and then later, used an old plastic gift card to scrape fluorescent pink and yellow paint.

I wanted to do a face using the pink “feathers” as a collar, but I turned it this way and that before I settled on this. As a 20” x 20” cradled wood panel any orientation would have worked. I looked through my reference photos Pinterest board, found a face and then realized she had to be looking at something. That’s where the second face came in.

There were some colors on the board I didn’t like so after I sketched, I went in with a few different acrylic inks to cover those up. (It’s already covered in the picture above). One of the acrylic inks was sparkly.

As I still had some of the acrylic ink out, I used it and Dr.Martin’s bleed proof white ink, to lay out the first face. I quickly switched to Titanium White fluid acrylic. Later, I added touches of Quidacridone Nickel Azo Gold.

Monday morning before work, I laid down what I call my shadow layer for the main face.

This is my palette, all Atelier Interactive Artist Acrylics in Napthol Crimson, Toning Grey Pinkish, Naples Yellow Reddish, Toning Grey, and French Ultramarine. Not pictured below I also used Titanium White, and Quidacridone Nickel Azo Gold, both in fluid acrylics.

The Atelier Interactive acrylics continue to be amazing. Although this time around the shadows got well covered, I discovered they are amazing at blending together. Making swirly x-marks blended colors together and it worked even better with two wet colors and a brush that had been wiped of paint.

I ended up wiping my brush on my art apron and at one point got dangerously close to my good work shirt!

Her ear is alas, way too big, so I had to do some fixing.

But wait! I learned even more!

Did you know you can do a split screen on your iPad? I vaguely remembered reading something about it, and as I wanted to look at my reference photo and the work in progress.

Isn’t that cool? I have tilted the head more but also found places such as her eyes and lips to fix. Ideally I should have made the nose bigger and shorter if I really wanted to copy the reference photo but I have to keep reminding myself that it’s a reference not something to copy. Still, the proportions are a bit off. And I think that this is my first portrait with visible teeth.

The review prompted me to change her hairstyle a bit. It couldn’t be wild and flowy hair because, to me, she is looking at her vanished childhood, her lost innocence, and wondering “Where did I go?”
Which, in light of recent national and world events, might be something we’re all asking ourselves lately.

And then I watched the royal wedding and an amazing sermon by the Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, so I think it is time to get some love into the next portrait. Here's a link to his sermon. "Imagine a world remade by love" was his theme.