The 25 Days are Over...

I had a fabulous week in Washington, D.C. which was basically the last part of my 25 Days of Birthday.

So what were my D.C. birthday treats? Dinner @ TenPenh on Pennsylvania Ave (with some to-die-for Aussie dessert wine. Heaven!), Library of Congress, "The Sacred Made Real" exhibit at the National Museum of Art (about Spanish religious painting and sculpture in the 17th century), antiquing in Alexandria and Georgetown, the Tibet Shrine at the Sackler Gallery, sleeping in!

I've yet to tally receipts and work out my tithe, more on that soon. I'm thinking that the charity should be for Haiti relief.

So, my antiquing haul...

A china plate, old sheet music, doilies, glass salt and pepper shakers, a really old photograph, a sari scarf in gold and cream (that's going to soften the white of my new IKEA shelf) and a salt/pepper/condiment set.

I'm going to clean these up: one of them needs a soak in hot water, and the insides are corroded, but I'm hoping the holes are big enough for my German glass glitter to fall through.

These, however, fit my color scheme in my craft room. They are a bit grubby but I'm almost afraid to clean them. They are hand-painted in Japan, and the last thing I tried to gently sponge clean that was hand-painted in Japan, the paint came off. Any suggestions? Of course, I could just leave them grubby if they're not for dinner table use.

This looks like its printed onto the glass (and its a very bad photo, sorry), but I fell in love with the frame and this rather long-nosed girl from the 1860's. (I know my fashion if not my photograph techniques.) I have no idea what I am going to do with it. It was just too pretty to pass up. I might see if I can scan it in, like I plan to do with the sheet music.

I got her at the Christ Child Opportunity Shop in Georgetown. It's up the hill from the main drag, and what I liked about it, is that while things seemed to priced reasonably and perhaps a bit toward the high end -- the longer in the store, it gets discounted, so I got some deals :)

Some lovely packages arrived while I was gone, but we'll talk about those tomorrow...


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