Amazing birthday present...

What Mum sent me for my birthday (and that I opened early!) is so amazing, I'm doing two posts on it. Check tomorrow some time for part two!

I knew Mum had been doing the 39 squares and she told me she'd done a few of the square samplers, but I was not in the least expecting this:

It needs to be pressed and framed (I'm thinking some ornate frame painted white!) with protective glass... but isn't it just the most amazing thing? Am I a lucky daughter or what?

Some closeups:

The wisteria across the top according to the note Mum sent along with this is: "wisteria growing over your front (not your personal front :) " I'll note that the stitched wisteria has more blooms than we got this year. The rose button is from Africa. (There a story there, Ma?)

A cup of tea, of course, with a teapot button. The lace is from one of grandma's hankies. The bit of doily is from one of my great-grandma's doilies. I can't believe she cut it up -- I've been thrifting rather than using my stash of Nanna's doilies!

The big flower: "found in old tin of Nanna's". I can't believe there's a tin of Nanna's I've yet to go through. We'll have to rectify that, next visit.

The white flower button up the top is also from Nanna's button box. Isn't it just the most beautiful thing ever!

And there was more .... but you'll have to wait until tomorrow :)


  1. leanne.
    this is
    what a wonderful
    gift, mum!
    i am inspired!
    happy day!

  2. Hi Leanne
    You have a very talented Mum.
    Did she do this as part of the Amy Powers stitchalong?
    See here:
    Amy did a 39 x 1 inch squares Sampler to mark her 39th birthday.

    I made a mental note to myself to try this at SOME stage....
    How's your weekend?

  3. My best friend surprised me with one for my birthday too! Aren't they the most beautiful gifts? I think the framed under glass idea is a good one.

  4. this is a wonderful gift.....I just love it


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