The last cuff!

It's not just the last cuff I'm showing you, but it is also the last cuff I made. This was for Cristina of Sweet Pea Ink. We shared in the Madonna Montage swap from Silver Bella last year.

It's a wired yellow sheer ribbon with little flowers printed on it, tulle over the top again (I think), edged in vintagey and blue lace, a few faux pearls, a pearl button and one of the tea dyed flowers.

I have plans to make my own cuff to complete the set, as it were, but I haven't even started on it. First, I have to make curtains for my craft room so I'm ready for Where Bloggers Create II.


  1. Leanne

    You were so sweet to make these cuffs for us! I am sure the other gals love theirs as much as I love mine! I'm gonna miss you at Silver Bella this year.....


  2. I am beginning to wish I could go, but we'll have to see how matters play out...


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