Mother's Day

So I have a voice mail from Mum saying her Mother's Day present arrived, so unless she's faking me out, I can now post what I made and sent to her, along with Miss Lynn's little box of treasures.

I made this as part of the Artist Class Garden Party. The workshop was by tarnished and tattered. The photo is of my Grandma and Mum. I also used a tea-dyed hanky that my great-grandma crocheted the edges of.

One of the reasons I've really enjoyed getting involved in this artistic community, starting with Silver Bella, is that my Mum and I can enjoy it together, even though we're on opposite sides of the Pacific: we exchange blogs, we have created embroidery samplers to go along with Amy's 39 Squares (mine's in progress and is meant to cover the entire year. Mum's done two so far.)

And I love it, because it makes me feel so much closer to my Mum.

Miss Lynn of Create...Breathe... made this beautiful box as part of a swap, and then she made an extra one for Haiti By Hand, so of course I immediately snapped it up. Mum had been raving about these boxes and wanted to make one of her own, so of course I had to send it onto her.

(By the way, Mum and I have agreed to share the owl apron. So I get it for half the year and she gets it for the other half.)

In other news, Saturday was a double birthday treat: I picked up a bookcase from IKEA (a small Expedit as that's all my room has space for), and went to a Raven's Grace concert. (link takes you to iTunes)

The concert was amazing. I bopped out as much as one is able sitting in a pew in a church (head nods, clapping, keeping time), sang along when I knew the words and really enjoyed the rockin' tunes and the acoustic-folky ones too. Good stuff. Check them out.

I'll talk about Sunday's Birthday treat tomorrow because I need to take a photo or two and its getting dark...


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