My birthday gift from Mum, continued....

Really, after this, she ought to come out to Silver Bella, shouldn't she? I think she'd fit right in! There was this cute box with a note that said: "bits and bobs"

Tatted lace, purple buttons, some flower-thingy that's actually double-sided (what is that, Ma?)...

White butterfly ribbon and gorgeous sari trim...

A little pink doily and buttons from Africa...

And the "Happy New Year" postcard above... In the card she sent me were two needlebooks that she thinks belonged to Aunty Madge's mother or sister... The girl and the cats "pop out"...

a to-die-for Pashmina scarf that is double-sided and just gorgeous......

and this iridescent cross.

Now wouldn't you say I'm an exceptionally lucky girl?


  1. Morning dear one, the flower thingy is actually a compact holder, years ago probably before you were born ladies kept their powder compact in them in their handbags, neat isn't it, have a happy unbirthday.Much love.

  2. Oh Leanne!!! What beautiful gifts your precious Mom gifted you girl!!!!! She knows you so well and it definitely shows ~ I'm so excited about your weight loss and that you are buying clothes so much smaller this year ~ you encourage me to keep going and to successful!!!! hugs and love, Dawn


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