On the 12th Day of Birthday...

Yesterday, my birthday treat was to work on my paradise journal. This I did not do. Instead, I prepped for today's treat (which I won't reveal today but at a future date because it was me treating other people) and reorganized my craft room. As well as heading over to my mother-in-law's for dinner (my hubby cooked).

To my surprise, my m-i-l offered me this:

It's her hanky box that she's had since she was 8 or 10. And it is filled to the brim. Some of the hankies were crocheted or tatted by her mother.

Look at this detail!

a white-worked bee, I think...

And some that have just lovely vintagey colors!

The other part of today's birthday treat that I can show you are these:

Chai Spice Cookies!
(the link takes you to the blog with the recipe!)

And oh are they good. (I've only had one!) They are for sharing with class tonight. But I still have half a bowl of uncooked dough in the fridge, so I'll make the rest tomorrow. Happy Monday all!


  1. How lovely of Maxine to give you such a fabulous and treasured item, they look gorgeous, you'll have lots of fun with them, some you might even blow into?happy birthday, which number day are you up to?

  2. What a wonderful gift! My MIL did the same for me a couple of years ago, only it was a box of her mother's hankies.
    The whitework bee is stunning!

  3. Ohhhhh Leanne I know what the other treat is because I received one! What a SWEET thing to do and I just love it. But I will keep your secret......

  4. Glad you like it Robin! I will reveal the secret later in the week ... (feel free to trim/modify!)

  5. Leanne - my treat arrived today!! You are just amazing. Thank you sooooooo much. I love it!



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