On the Fourth Day of Birthday...

I still have a cold, and its at the brain-deadedness point, so I apologize in advance for any muddle-headedness.

Today, my birthday treat was to go the church's High Tea. I love afternoon teas, the dressing up (I had my outfit all picked out), the fine china, fancy tablecloths, the little nibblies, etc.

But I am too sick to go. I could go, but the idea of being "on" when all I want to do is slump mindlessly in front of Facebook games, well, that won't be fun for anyone, including me. And I have a very busy Sunday ahead of me.

But I am alternating Facebook with spraying Glimmer Mist on my 25 Birthdays Journal, and maybe I can get that done and get caught up on the first four days. And maybe I'll make myself a nice cup of tea, in a nice tea cup. Yeah, I think I'll do that.

*cheers up*

Oh, in other news, I think I've figured out the macro function on the camera.... One of the points of this blog was to learn how to improve my photography. Well, I was actually looking at the manual to figure out how to reformat the media card (and I somehow figured it out because the manual was no help) and came across the macro button. Sweet :)


  1. ooooh. i love
    high tea.
    years ago, i
    worked in a
    little, quaint
    tea room....
    happy memories!
    get to feeling
    better, leanne!

  2. Sorry your still sick, happy day anyway.much love mum

  3. Hoop de do made it this time your anonymous mum.


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