Time for Tea

Yesterday: A cup of tea, reading the daily devotion from "Women of Grace" and going through the "Great Courses" catalog for a) great courses I can afford and b) pictures to use in my art journal.

Just sitting and watching the lit candle (I can't remember the flavor -- its a New England tradition to hand them out at the end of the year) and, um, leaping up when it spilled onto my new tablecloth....
Yorkshire Blend tea, all the way from the UK. The taste of real tea...

The tea service was a gift from my grandmother ... ain't it pretty?
And yes, my sugar picker-upper-thingys (still not well, still not queen) are tarnished. I guess a polish of my silver is in order.... but not today.


  1. Oh Lar, Mum's tea set, have a tear in my eye, just beautiful, hope your tea was good. Did you have scones or cake?

  2. How nice! I need some iced tea here in Florida today! Hope you feel better soon! I wanted to welcome you and tell you I like your new blog! ♥

  3. The images of your cups and sugar cubes have me craving tea, LOL.

    Thanks for entering the Poet's Attitude drawing. I'll pull a winner tomorrow. Good luck!


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