Today's cuff was for....

Am I allowed to have a favorite? Actually, it's just about impossible to pick one, but this would be close! This is Sandy's cuff of Sew Revived:

I also met Sandy at Silver Bella -- we shared Kaari Meng's Vintage Rosary class, where there was a lot of looping going on.

Sandy's theme for her Young Victoria book was love letters ... so I had a swatch of fabric (which came from the Silver Bella goodie bag) that had text on it, put a layer of tulle over it, added a bit of edging to give it some color, faux pearls everywhere, pearl buttons, and a corner cut from one of Nanna's hankies that I tea-dyed. (That's my great-grandma for those not keeping up.) Yep, I can apparently cut her hankies up with abandon, but not her doilies. Go figure.


  1. And it is to absolutely DIE for!!! Thank you so very, very much!!



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