Victoria cuff...

Pam's was one of the first pages I got to do for the Young Victoria swap.... Sue told me she loved red....

This is the first cuff I made too ... so there's a little bit of trial and error going on here, hopefully concealed by the linen back I sewed on! I took a patterned ribbon for the base, some old lace, gold rick-rack and gold tulle as trim, and then some gathered lace pulled into a circle with some gold rosebuds in the center. The gold button has a crown on it but I forgot to take a closeup of that.


  1. This is perfect for Pam!!!! Leanne, you are amazing.

    I got myself the Young Victoria DVD for my birthday and just watched it in the comfort of my own home tonight - just as wonderful as I remembered!


  2. Leanne, it is perfect! Where are you finding all this time?!? I have one other cuff that I love to wear, and guess who made it for me? Sue!! Now I have a charming cuff wardrobe hand-made by friends. :) Thanks, sweet friend!


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