What I mailed out this time last week...

I thought I would do a week of posts about the items I mailed out last week, as part of my birthday treat to other folks. They were also thank yous to the gals who joined me in the Young Victoria Altered Book Collective.

This is the first one that was received :)

Robin of Once Upon a Pink Moon, who is a fellow SoCal Bella. We first met for the pre-Silver Bella gathering last year and had fun going through a Goodwill and then visiting Gilding the Lily before heading off to the party.

Anyway, she loves Marie Antoinette, so I went for that effect as a choker...

It's a black and white ribbon, overlaid with lace, with gathered tulle behind it, vintage faux pearls sewn onto it, and a tea-dyed flower for the center. A ribbon in one of her favorite colors to tie it on.

Another gifty tomorrow!


  1. I hope to see her wear it at Silver Bella this fall!

  2. This cuff it so totally Robin!! Beautiful!



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