I Voted....

Today are the primary elections in California and my first opportunity to vote since becoming a system. The process went smoothly although I got to hear bad news about a neighbor.

What I didn't like about the process:
a) the voter booklet was not only confusing but pages were repeated and out of order
b) I had to search online for what was missing and the state-level stuff, and I still didn't find any information about one particular category (which I don't remember the name of as it was long and convoluted)

What I liked about the process:
a) having the poll workers excited that this was my first time voting
b) the friendly, village feel

Also, it turns out that I had the wrong Friday for Where Bloggers Create Party II, so I'm pushing back the various appearances of my craft room to next week and hopefully, starting tomorrow, I'll have some posts and photos from my Santa Barbara trip.

I don't know if I will get the curtains finished finished before next Friday (there are still some sewing to be done), but I do have to get on and complete a swap, so I suspect I'll focus instead on that.


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