More on St. Mary's Retreat House

One of the things I loved at St. Mary's Retreat House was keeping the Daily Office. The brothers of the Order of the Holy Cross keep Lauds, Vespers, Compline and a noonday Eucharist. Those are the public ones, I'm not sure if they keep Terce, None or the other one I can't remember the name of that is usually at an ungodly hour privately or not.

I've been keeping it since: well, morning and evening prayer and in not the same format as at St. Mary's. I'd like to do the psalms they do and chant them. The chants were quite simple and easy to pick up, even when not quite awake. The last morning the brothers had to go back east for a meeting of the Order, so I got to help out with Lauds and do a reading.

The door to my room. I love that I was in the St. Helena room as I go to EfM with a Helena and she has been to the Order of St. Helena convent in Georgia...

I love the detail in this! I don't know how old it is or who made it but look at the detail! Am pretty sure its either showing the ascension of Jesus or one of his resurrection visits.

This is a glimpse of the patio where most of us hung out at one time or another when we weren't in chapel, exploring the grounds or neighborhood, discussing heaven or napping. (I have to confess, I wasn't one of the nappers.)

This is the view of the mountains from the back patio. Below us somewhere and to the left is the Museum of Natural History.

Now for some reason this posted instead of scheduling it, grr.... So I have more, but I think I'm going to have to log out and log back in again....


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