My Craft Room: in 2009

Clearly, I've gone far beyond scrapbooking and have containers for all sorts of things.

I bought a "Shabby Chic" bookcase from Target at some point (yeah, I don't really remember, but I've had it for a year or two). You can see some journals I made (the red/white/blue stars is my citizenship journal), various containers most of which have come from my Mum, the gorgeous card Sue of My Mother's Pearls gave me at Silver Bella (we are fellow Silver Bella little sisters)

The blue suitcase was my "trinket" case at Silver Bella last year. Now it holds decorative scissors, cabinet cards (protected from the harsh SoCal light by a piece of lace) and baggies containing cuts of wallpaper and vintage book papers and sheet music. Stacked beside it in tiered wired baskets with lace, doilies and ribbon.

The top of my jewelry chest (which doesn't contain jewelry), the pretty box held my vintage millinery. Hmm, actually, I think it still has some.

And two years ago I bought this ribbon rack holder. The little clips put holes in the ribbon, but hey, if you like the shabby look... You can see my collection of paint, glues, Glimmer Mists and Ranger inks on the table. I used one of those expanding plastic spice rack shelves to hold it all.

Tomorrow (I'll have it scheduled to post at just after midnight tonight) you'll see what I've been up to since... as I join in the Where Bloggers Create Party.... (see sidebar for linky)


  1. Can't wait to see some more Leanne!
    You are such a tease...
    I want MORE!

  2. Lovely! A really great place to create! :)



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