My craft Room ... In The Beginning...

Once upon a time, my house had two guest rooms. Hey, when you plan to have kids and it doesn't happen this isn't so extreme on the outside. So, after having used it as a guest room all of exactly once, and a depositing-junk room the rest of the time, in 2004 I decided to make it a more functional space and turned it into my craft room.

When we bought the house these shutters were painted white and painted into however they were opened, they don't open and close, except on their hinges. You can see what I've done with them tomorrow as part of Where Bloggers Create Party II.

I took a dresser my husband has had ever since he was a kid and our old dining table and a bunch of paint and this is what I did...

He's pretty much forgiven me for painting it pink. I painted the craft room a pale lavender-mauve color (I love all shades of purple). On a dining chair you can see the sum total of my scrapbook paper, because I started out scrapbooking, you see. Anyone want to guess how much paper I have now?

The jewelry chest holds my notions: like brads, charms, pens and other small things. As you can see, the room was a definite work in progress.

This was a plain pine chest that I painted to match the dresser. I still haven't used this to its full functionality. That's something to be fixed for next year, as there are some things that need to be stored better than dumped in the closet.

Tomorrow, I'll show you pictures of what my craft room looked like last year. I think you'll see the Silver Bella influence. The question is: will you be able to spot some of these items' new homes?


  1. isn't it
    to have a
    to create???
    i am
    excited for
    the photos - and
    for the
    blogland party!
    happy day!

  2. What a terrific space! Love the pink! The jewelry chest was a great idea!
    Queen Bee Studio


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