Not dead, and not queen....

Although, um, maybe queen .... depends on your point-of-view....

I've been off on retreat in Santa Barbara, and I spent all of today feverishly handsewing curtains. Yeah, sure, a sewing machine would have made it quicker, but I gave the one I'd picked up second-hand because I was about ready to put a hole in the wall with it as the stupid thing just wouldn't WORK.

Ahem. But then, maybe I just a nice old-fashioned sewing machine....

So, stay tuned, I'm uploading photos from my weekend and on Friday I'll be revealing my craft room makeover/update. Thursday, I plan to show some before pics... Like the photos from when I first turned my craft room from the second guest room to my craft room, and some in-between photos. I'm already putting together a list for next year.


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