Remember my craft space?

It's now my office space for at least a week, if not more. I'm not sure how I am going to get any crafting done, except I do have needlework and I can journal...

My work office is being remodeled. Not just a new carpet or a paint/patch job, but all the built in cabinets, filing and storage, and my desk is being torn out too. So I brought everything home.

So here is where I'm situated for the time being until the new office furniture arrives.

At least I have fresh flowers to keep me company. (Although they turn out to be dyed flowers as they're turning the water purple).

A set of bookshelves were going too, so we've had to do a bit of a purge and there were books that needed throwing out. Seriously, throw out these?

Yeah, I thought so too!

I've enjoyed looking at them at work, so I got to bring them home. They aren't worth anything. But for an artist.....

So stay tuned until Monday and I'll share plans for at least one of these books. I have to figure out where to put these.... Somewhere where I can again look upon their warm beige and gold covers. This wasn't part of reorganization plan..... help?


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