Sweet Peas

Thought I would practice with that macro setting....

Although maybe what I need to do is work on depth of field. I bought these at the farmer's market on Saturday. They smell just heavenly!

There is another farmer's market today (different location). I plan to scout and see if there are more of these darlings to be had!


  1. I just LOVE sweet peas. When I was a kid I would grow them every summer. I remember putting nails in the fence and running twine on them for the sweet peas to climb up. They are one of my favorite flowers......and the smell IS heavenly!!

  2. I love sweet peas also!! They are just one of the prettiest flowers and smell so good!! Thanks for posting the photos of them!

  3. Leanne,
    Those are just beautiful! I can smell them all the way in PA! LOL


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