So the end result of my personal birthday spending resulted in a tithe of $42.29. Yeah, I can't believe I spent that much on myself either and I'm reassuring myself that it was over 25 days and big-ticket items were discussed... (Tithe is 10% for those who don't know.)

$11 has already gone to Washington DC homeless.

Which leaves $31.29. Which I have sent to the Central Asia Institute.

What-the-what? You have heard of the book "Three Cups of Tea"? The institute is the non-profit that makes literacy and education, especially for girls, in the remote regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan possible. I'm reading Greg Mortenson's sequel: "Stones into Schools" and it is by turns funny, horrifying and inspiring.

I find it amazing that one man can make such a change in such a remote part of the world. It becomes very clear in "Stones into Schools" that it isn't just one person. It's not just Greg Mortenson. It's dedicated men and women, boys and girls, entire communities who want change and transformation for the next generation.

And frankly, to be in the presence of any of those people, and maybe even share a cup of tea and hear their story... Well, that would be an incredible honor.

Torghu Balla schoolgirls. Pakistan.

Images courtesy of Central Asia Institute

On an entirely frivolous note, Sandy posted way better pictures of the bracelet I made her on her blog, Sew Revived.


  1. Shall have to check out if the library has his book.Congrats on tithing, a good thing to do,Sandy's cuff is beautiful you'll have to show me how when you come home.

  2. i love your
    selfless spirit,
    leanne. i feel
    happy to know
    just a tiny
    piece of you.

    can't wait
    to see your
    art room!

    happy day!


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