Heather of Speckled Egg posted about unfinished projects last week.

It got me to thinking, and I'm fairly certain I don't have the following on this blog yet to pull this off, but -- what if we all picked an unfinished project and, well, finished it? I know you probably have a list of projects partially done, or on your "to do" list. I know I do.

So here's how it will work:
  1. pick an unfinished project, one that's been waiting for you for a while
  2. post a comment here telling me what the project is and about when you first started it.
  3. (optional) post to your blog that you're participating in "Undone" and/or add the little button to your side bar.
  4. on the deadline day, I'll post again -- share a link to a picture of your now-finished project in a comment, and ....
To three random people who complete this challenge I'll give away a copy of my Regency romance from 2005. "Touched By Time". Autographed and personalized if you wish.

I recently brought home a partial set of New Testament commentaries. One person who completes their project will also get a volume. Any NT volume, unless its the missing one :) I mentioned them in an earlier post.

Here's my project:

It's a pillow case with autographs from my fellow classmates all over it. I started this when I was in Year 10 which was a long time ago and have hardly made a dent in it.

What about you?


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