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Here for the Where Bloggers Create Party? Scroll down to Friday's post. (Although this an addendum to that.)

I didn't read the instructions well enough and while you caught glimpses of my artwork in my craft room, I didn't share what I do.

I'm, um, actually a published romance author, so I know dreams are achievable after a lot of hard work, but that's when "fun" became "work" and so I needed a new "fun".

Enter scrapbooking. I redid my wedding album, worked on a career album and a few other things. Altered books intrigued me but I didn't think I could stand cutting one up.

So I started going 3D ... shadow boxes, bird houses, canvases, ... And after a long, long time of not doing any sewing beyond restoring buttons to their rightful place, I started sewing again (I made cuffs for the gals who joined in the Young Victoria Altered Book Collaborative). I even ventured into jewelry briefly.

So in no particular order or chronology:

I cut apart a book to make my cover for the Young Victoria project:

A peek inside....

A small canvas I made for a friend, using wax to stick everything on....

One of my bird houses. This is the Jane Eyre one.

A bracelet I made for my Nana using milagros...

The first (and only) thing I submitted to Somerset Studio:

A companion piece to the above that I didn't submit anywhere. Playing with wax on canvas again.

I made this for Somerset's "Black and White" challenge and then chickened out in sending it. It shows my love for the Regency period!


  1. Such lovely work! Thank you for posting my petite giveaway and good luck! Hugs, Janet

  2. I know what you mean about not wanting to cut up a book (says the also-a-writer.) But I love how you've pushed yourself to get over it - love the 'V' with roses cover.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your creations and some of your creative space. You handkerchief curtains are sweet. Thanks for the tour. Connie


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