Fabric Collage (a "What I Did")

So here is what I made on Wednesday. I still need to fashion a hanger for the back of it.

This is my Gran as a young girl, dressed as a ... well, something. Her kerchief suggests cow girl but her floaty apron and short skirt suggest something German, so I'm going for Heidi. Some of the gals in the class thought she might be a cheerleader, but I don't think that's the case.

The fabrics are pretty much all from KC's stash that she shared with us.

We had to "listen" to our "girl" in the photo and come up with a caption. I wrote: "The world is my oyster -- and I am its pearl." The rhinestone bracelet lining the bottom was Nana's (my Gran's mum), and I think the pearl buckle was from her too.

There are bits of a doily that Nana made in top collage bit. The little rhinestone earring with two dangly pearls was also hers. The burgundy triangle-shaped things (some sort of closure) were in her button box. The rhinestones glued on top I picked up at Gilding the Lily. I think I picked up the ratty distressed flower at Gilding the Lily too. The brooch was found while at Silver Bella last year.

A close up of the laces and doilies. At the top you see a snippet of one of Nana's doily. (This is the one my Mum cut up to put in the sampler she made for me) I ended up having to do some hand-sewing because I couldn't quite direct the sewing machine in the right direction. Below it is a scrap of tatting or crochet that I think was in a giveaway bag at Silver Bella. Or I found it there :) And the bottom doily piece was a find at an antique place in Omaha. I think.

And I just realized I didn't take a close up of the other side, and it's too dark now to take pictures. Oh well, I have to show you what I bought at Urban Barn anyway!


  1. Wow Lar that is way cool, I think mum took dance classes and that's where the outfit came from, she sure was a pearl,well done.I want some of that glue when you come home please.

  2. leanne, this is
    just gorgeous!
    so full of great
    vintage and
    meaningful scrappies!
    i love it!!!
    happy day!

  3. Leanne, What a special piece! No doubt it will be even more meaningful to you because of all the personal elements you've chosen. How lucky were you to get to attend one of KC's workshops...someday, someday! I also enjoy her creations and it looks like you were a good student! Xo, Sue


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