Miss Mary Hayes Challenge

I didn't think I'd get around to this. My craft room is still my office with a computer taking up much of the flat space on my desk.

However, last night I had to give a presentation at vestry (um, that's council, elders, governing body of a church -- sometimes the Episcopal Church has a touch too much jargon) and as my hubby's on vestry, had to wait until it was done before going home.

So I printed out Mary Green's challenge that I thought I was not going to have time nor space to do, took my gluebook that I started from her class, plus pens, and a bit of lace and played while I waited.

I think I'd call this: "Miss Hayes Regrets She Cannot Come Out Today, She's Too Busy Looking at Flowers"....

And in case you're wondering, that's the lace wrist cuff on her head. I thought I'd do something different as I'd seen a lot of torsos on the page ... and added a bit of lace to make her headdress a bit bigger.

You know how you pack stuff for your kids to keep them entertained during a trip? (I don't have kids so this is observation) I had a book, my spiritual journal and this little project to keep me busy....

Yeah, probably overkill especially as recent senior wardens have made a point of keeping the meeting to 2 hours or less. But as it happened, it went a little long, so I finished this, and the book, and got started on a journaling page using my new Pitt Landscape Pens that come in reds, blues and greens.

Love those Pitt pens.


  1. VERY pretty! I love the lace hat!

  2. What a fun layout for your glue book! Miss Mary need not have any regrets if she is spending time looking flowers and absorbing beauty. That piece of paper behind the flowers just catches my eye, I love the colors. Great job and thank you for sharing your creativity.

  3. oh! so cute!
    she's adorable
    and the title
    is just right!
    leanne, i am
    so glad you
    are blogging.
    you have great
    things to share.
    happy day to you!

  4. Very nice...glad you found the time to create!

  5. Cool hat, must get one for when I'm gazing at flowers!

  6. I love what you did in your waiting time! Using just mary's head with the lace cuff for a hat was just perfect. : ) lenna

  7. I love the results! The lace cuff is the perfect touch. I'm like you --- I have to take things along with me if there is any waiting time involved! Be prepared, is my motto!



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