Undone: How Many?

As my Mum said to me on the phone after learning about my "Undone" idea: do you have any idea how many unfinished projects I have?

So if you, like my Mum, are having difficulty picking an incomplete project to finish: maybe you can procrastinate some more by thinking or journaling about these questions:

  1. Why did you start working on that project? Was it to try out a new technique? Was it to make something for yourself for a change? Did you have a really cool idea in your head that wasn't turning out so well in the execution?
  2. Why did you stop working on that project? You just didn't think it'd be that much work? Life got in the way and you've forgotten why you started it in the first place? A cooler idea came along? You just found it buried at the bottom of your storage item of choice?
As for me -- I haven't gotten any further along in sewing more than a couple of letters on my chosen project. Sewing a pillow case can be awkward! And, I've had life get in the way.... And, the project really isn't me any more although it is a memory of my past, so...

What about you?


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