Undone: Procrastinating...

You know how you'll do anything but work on the old project you said you'd work on? Well, I do, anyway.
Case in point: I was looking for odd bits of thread to use on my "Year 10" autographed pillowcase and I came across an even older project. From, I think, primary school (which is years 3-6 in Australia).

All that needed doing was to sew up the other side and finish the top edges, which I did.

Although I think it needs a button closure for the top. So maybe this really old project is not that done after all.

I also found some old embroidery pieces -- where you stitch around the printed outline. I think they might be recyclable in some way... we shall see.

How are your unfinished projects going? Remember if you comment here to say you're in, there's a giveaway to those who finish their unfinished project!


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