An Artist? Me?

I mentioned a couple of posts ago when I was trying to decide whether or not I should take Suzi Blu's course (which I am, see earlier pos), that I didn't do art in high school. (Well, kinda sorta).

The way the system works in Australia, at least where I grew up, high school starts in year 7. When you're about 12. For the first four years, you get a taste of all the different electives the school offered. In the last two years, you had to pick your electives to add up to a certain number of units. I cannot now remember what my electives were (I suspect my taking 3 Unit Math instead of 2 Unit put a crimp on additional electives): but I think one of them was Ancient History, and another was computers, maybe?

Anyway, so I didn't choose art or photography. I don't think it was really on my radar.

But here's the thing: I had one free period a week, and where would I go? To the senior art class.

And I would watch my peers draw and paint, and I would ask questions about their work, and yes, just chatted with them, until the art teacher finally told me that I couldn't stay unless I also produced something.

So I did.

I've blurred out my old home town and the art teacher's name, but left in the made-up part of the address "1 Seeididit Close".

I think I used pastels to make the brown of the envelope and I don't remember how I did the stamp except I do remember that the white stumped me. Thank goodness Liquid Paper had been invented by then! Yep, that's what I used.

And so that's my little "how I didn't do art really in high school" story.

What about you? Was art a major part of your childhood and growing up?


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