Great-Grandma's Watch

So I was given this beautiful watch when I was eight. The clock face was ringed with red-gold (it held the glass) and it had leaves embossed on it. I wore it to school and promptly managed to knock off the top of it by running around the playground.

You have no idea how devastating this was. Suffice it to say, it was.

And somehow I managed to build a mythology around it. It was my great-grandma's (am posting a picture so Mum can correct these memories because when I talked to her last she didn't remember what I was talking about), the frame around it was Welsh gold (Gran and my great-grandma were Welsh). And I kept it in its little box, always stashed in a drawer somewhere...

... which is marked with the name of a local jeweler in my home town. Not Wales. Hmm.

So I want to honor both the mythology and the truth and incorporate this watch into a piece of art. Haven't figured out what yet. Another fabric collage with a photo of Gran (or great-gran who ever actually gave it to me)? A shadow box? Don't know yet, but its on the to do list...


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