Look, Ma! I made a seam!

Probably not news in the grander sense of the word, but there you go. I made a seam. Am trying to figure out how to patch by hand so that when I'm ready to go on the Madonna Collage with its silks, velvets and satins, I will know what I'm doing.

So this is the daisy fabric for the liner of my grocery cart. (I actually use it as a grocery cart, not for taking to flea markets) And my first ever seam.

I keep opening the bottom drawer in the guest bedroom and these fabrics surprise me every time. I went to look for fabric to bring to the KC Collage class and found this brown upholstery fabric stuff with a retro pattern on it.

We bought three chest of drawers at an estate sale many moons ago, and when we got home, found the fabric. This daisy fabric used to be a bed sheet.

I've found a couple of retro prints, what looks like an upholstery fabric remnant and today found practically a roll of muslin. Old stained, muslin. Or its an old stained bedsheet. Might need a wash before I use it. New/old stuff every time I look. It's like Christmas, sort of. That, or I do have some short term memory loss. :) Ok, I think it has more to do with: I'm looking for this kind of piece (I knew I had retro fabric there and daisy fabric) and I go in and there's another piece that would work great for another project.

I've partially finished the hanger for the back of my collage I did at the KC Willis class. Just need the hardware to finish it and I can hang it.

Speaking of undone projects... remember this?

At the end of August, I will host a giveaway (and give y'all a couple of weeks to enter), but the Undone project? Remains undone. It's just not who I am now, and really, shouldn't I be putting my energy into stuff I want to do now? So as nobody signed up for it, bye bye "Undone".

I do want to point you toward a gal who's blog I follow who starts many things ... but the little things she does complete are just gorgeous.

Check out her post here.

Sometimes we all have to take baby steps before taking on the big stuff, and so I am in the process of making a small fabric book (from the Garden Party set of workshops) before I make my larger, lusher one, and I'm making a grocery cart liner before I make a super large piece to put over the fireplace of Madonnas.

And that pillowcase from Year 10? I might scavenge it for parts to use in a fabric collage, especially the few bits I've already stitched, or just leave it languishing in the bottom of my sewing basket.

But right now, I have an exciting venture -- my first make something since I made a denim bag in Sewing at High School, which means, somewhere I have the memory as to how to make this liner....


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