Spending Time with Hope

So when Hope Wallace Karney said she was coming to town and would I like to hang out, of course I said yes! We'd exchanged maybe a sentence or two at Silver Bella, and I was taking my second journaling class with her. At Silver Bella I think I was rushing to class.... It was too bad I didn't linger then, because we had so much fun talking and shopping and journaling together!

Anyway, so we met last Monday on my day off and went off to Paper Tales. I'd never been before, so it was a first time for both of us. Hope was a real trooper, enduring public transit with me. Helle Greer was there and it was cool to meet her and get to see her "Somerset in Love" book in person.
This is Hope and I out the front. What you can't see are our shopping bags! Thanks to Hope for this photo, I brilliantly left my camera at home.

We spent a few hours there. I'll definitely be going back -- it has scrapbook stuff, but also cute vintagey trinkets and beautiful ribbon. Here's part of my haul, all of which are inspiration pieces for Suzi Blu's La Sirena class.

Hope and I exchanged gifts. She gave me a packet of postcards and a packet of vintage papers. Lovely gorgeous stuff. I gave her a cute little cardboard purse with Chuao chocopods inside.

It was too bad the day had to end and I had to work the next day because we had so much fun together. We went next door to Daddyo's for burgers, fries, onion rings and hot dogs and headed back to Paper Tales to spend the afternoon at their back table journaling together.

We talked about my playing hooky, and another gal there suggested calling my office volunteer for me -- and telling her I was in ICU and couldn't come into work, so could she cover for me at work. I could just imagine the freakout: calling the prayer chain, calling my boss who was still on vacation.... and all because I was playing hooky.

So did I play hooky?.... Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to find out what happened.


  1. Oh I never told you how much I loved that chocolate - I even shared with Mike! Thank you again for that.

    What a great day it was! xox

  2. Sounds like fun!! I LOVE Paper Tales and always spend too much money there.


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