Surprise box

When I got home from shopping yesterday (headed out for fabric for the Madonna collage), I found a box from a writing buddy of mine. She, I, and two others went on a writing retreat too long ago and I haven't seen her in age although we email a lot.

Anyway, so I get this package wrapped in wallpaper and open it up (I couldn't get it to close again):

And look what was inside! My friend Sherrie does a lot of stamping (I also got a lovely purple embossed card from her) There's ribbons, wool, fibers, lace, more wallpaper, buttons, fabric scraps....
That bit of teal felt trim is going to be perfect for the La Sirena course...

Isn't that neat? And totally unexpected! Apparently this little box has made the rounds. It's carried quick bread and other goodies back and forth between Sherrie and her friends.


  1. O my! What a wonderfully, delicious surprise! Those goodies are to drool for! Lucky girl... ; )


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