Time Spent Away

Time away means I have 125 blog posts to catch up on.

I've been to Santa Barbara for a long weekend and stayed at St. Mary's Retreat House with the Order of the Holy Cross and attended a musicology retreat. Yesterday, I went to Paper Tales with Hope Karney -- I had the most amazing time -- I've never been there before -- and I had such a good time with Hope that I went into work this morning for an hour and a half and then went and played hookey with Hope and Gina Grable!

We had so much fun in Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach and Solana Beach. (Hmm, a bit of a theme there....) Much more detailed post(s) later for both Santa Barbara and today and yesterday. I forgot my camera so I'm hoping Hope can let me borrow a few of hers to share with you :)


  1. Hi sweet Leanne...sounds like you've had a wonderful time at the beach lately!!!! I'm so glad you like Zipperstop ~ I'm thinking you can NEVER have enough seambinding! hugs and love, Dawn

  2. i had such a great time! I just posted a few photos...

  3. good for you, leanne!
    a girl MUST take
    time to nourish
    her soul!

    happy day!


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