When Traveling...

When I've travel, I try to take some small art kit with me. For an event like Silver Bella, one basically packs a suitcase and then some, but for non-art-centered trips, what I take is much smaller.

And this is the smallest I've got so far. In addition to the supplies shown below, I took my Moleskine journal and a sketchbook (for practicing drawing for the Suzi Blu class I'm doing).

The white bag contains snippets of paper, stickers, tags, paper punches (as in already punched out, not the device itself obviously), a bit of ribbon and other ephemera.

And this is what's in the blue pouch:

gluestick (yes, it has a Disney princess, Cinderella, on it), washi tape (orange/brown print and gold stripes), tape measure (for measuring faces that I'm practicing in my drawing), eraser, embroidery scissors (get through security!), white gel pen, Pitt pens of various hues: sepia, black, greys, "landscape", some purples, glitter pen, mechanical pencil.

And that's all I needed to create three art journal layouts (double pages), and do some sketching while I was gone this past week.

It required a little forethought -- I had two prompts from Hope's class to catch up on -- and next time I need to prep pages with a watercolor wash so they're not quite so plain, but I was quite pleased with how it all turned out!


  1. oooh look at those markers and tape. swoooon!

  2. What a great travel kit! I tend to take waaaay too much stuff and end up so tired after touring that I barely have the energy to record the day's events, never mind making it look pretty :)


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