Home sick today...

The cold that had been threatening all week hit me this morning. Urgh. So instead of going to work and stuffing envelopes for the stewardship campaign, I stayed home.

Managed to get a couple of things done:
  • nephew's picture book (final touchups)
  • spiritual autobiography "tunnel" book (was half-finished)
  • art journal page for an event 3 weeks ago (just glued some stuff on)
Watched more daytime tv than I care to.

And made progress in doing the Mary Green challenge from two months ago, although I just realized that my darn cold (anyway, that's what I'm blaming!) made me forget to do a layering step, so I guess its just gonna be backwards, which I'm sure will work out....

I almost got around to putting together the Queen Victoria swap book, which is lingering on a shelf, awaiting my attention. Maybe this weekend, in between all the other errands, although it looks like one of my tasks for the day is getting canceled.

Pictures for everything when the sun comes back out (well, it's evening now) and when the picture book cures from the workable fixative I put on the pages....


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