So that trip...

It's hard to believe that it's been over a week since I stayed at Holy Cross...

I still need to upload photos, but I thought I would share the river rocks I brought back with me, including my first heart-shaped rock. The monastery was right on the river .... and do you suppose that if glass has been tumbled by a river instead of the sea, it is riverglass instead of seaglass? (The riverglass is the piece at the bottom right.)

Inquiring minds.....

I am at the color-pencil shading stage of Suzi Blu's class ... and the latest face has gone off-topic (that is, is not a mermaid at all). Plan to finish her up, but I have a feel she'll be Titan-Buffed when it comes to painting her, because she's a little too red in the face. But she's not done yet, so we'll see.


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