Spiritual autobiography

Every year, as part of taking EfM (Education for Ministry), each person in the study group shares their spiritual autobiography. It's basically your life story and where God figured in it. In each of the four years, we tell it four different ways.

It was my turn this week. No, don't freak, I'm not going to share it here.

But I took the version from the second year of doing this and went pictorial. I was reading a back issue of Somerset Studio, where the topic of tunnel books came up. I did some research, found a template to make one and went ....

Wait a minute. An acrylic page book would be so much easier and still have the see-through effect!

So here's the cover.

No matter where you are in the book, the face of Jesus peeks through. That was my goal. That he/God was there in every part of my life, whether I acknowledged it or not.

That's me at my baptism. Most of what I used were symbolic. In fact, I had more symbols than pages *sigh*

This was good in another way because I'd had the acrylic book for ever and I'd been hoarding rubons and bling for that day when I would get around to creating something with acrylic pages.

The only thing that bummed me out was that I had a giant bling heart, but by the time I unstuck it from the backing, my fingers and itself, it wasn't very heart-shaped by the end. I have other large bling pieces. Any tips on how to get them onto the page without turning the air blue?


  1. Oh Lar that looks incredibly beautiful, I remember that christening day well you were just gorgeous must give you the dress when you come home.


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