Clothes and such

So it's been on my to do list for some time now to clean out my closet, for there are finally things in there that are way too big for me (I've lost just over 21 pounds). I've been holding the same weight for about 3 months now and it's probably time to start working on the next milestone of another 15 pounds.

Good news: I can fit into two skirts that I couldn't before (they're my absolute favorite skirts so I refused to throw them out. Why it took me this long to lose the weight to get back into them is another story). Another dress which is a swooshy delight is like one inch away of being wearable.

I was really excited to hear about this new class: Mori Cupcake that's happening on Suzi Blu's ning site. Love the idea of altering clothes just a little bit to make them mine.

However, I'm behind on Suzi's current class (La Sirena, she's got a mid-semester deal going), so if I sign up for this, I'll be basically downloading the videos and pdfs to look at after the new year. I'm still practicing my shading faces with color pencil, I might share a couple later. I'm hoping to soon graduate to painting a mermaid.

Anyway, the clothing class is about Mori Girl-style which is the Japanese take on European folk dress. Remember the 70's with flowy peasant dresses and what-not? Like that but with shorter hemlines and just a relaxed, casual feel. (See here for a lengthy video. Love the Grimoire shop it features!) As I was looking at images and thinking that I had a bunch of pieces that would work.

So while I was trying on clothes in my wardrobe to see if they were too big, I auditioned pieces for this style. I do feel there's a fine line between cute Mori-style and "earth mother" and what might look nice on a wee thing mightn't be quite so flattering on a curvier size.

The upshot is that I have quite a few pieces that fit the style (I think) without being earth-mothery. Including some pieces that I hadn't worn because I didn't have anything to wear with.

Ok, I know, pictures, pictures. I could have snapped a shot of my bed covered in clothing. But I got a wee bit carried away and forgot the whole fashion show part until everything was in bags and taken downstairs to be fixed or altered.

There are also a whole lot of skirts (that swoosh and cling most becomingly) that need new elastic, so that's my first job, to restore those. I also have buttons to sew back on and straps to shorten (somehow).

What I need to make the look work and fit who I am, I've decided, are simple, short sleeved blouses in creams to wear under crocheted tank tops and with pretty vests, some with collars, some not. And an Anthropologie scarf (like this one). Hope dragged introduced me to an Anthropologie store while I was in D.C. and I just loved so much of the stuff even though so much of it was way out of my price range...

Oh and I also uncovered another stash of handkerchiefs (do they multiply while I'm not looking?). I am thinking that after the success of my curtains, these could become a skirt-apron, a sheer layer to wear (or not) over a skirt or dress, or embellish a plainer skirt that I have.

So projects galore ... not that I don't have enough to do, like a certain embroidery sampler I've been putting off.

Speaking of which, I'm starving, so I'm off to get a bite to eat, and watch some telly and stitch.


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