La Sirena progress

In Suzi Blu's La Sirena class I'm learning to draw faces (folk art and slightly more realistic) and shade them using color pencils. Eventually I will be in a place to paint.

So here's one I'm particularly happy with, although still room for improvement.

You might note she's not a mermaid (not that you can tell from this cropped image). I dreamt her, although she had black hair in my dream, and I really like how the color of her hair turned out on this so I guess I'm going to have to draw her again at some point. I was going to anyway, because I dreamed her in a coffin and those colors are too warm for a dead person. (Yes, morbid, but she's a metaphor.) I picked up greys and what not so the next attempt will have that color shift as well.

The classes so far have been with eyes open, but she was dead so I had to figure out how that looked.

Did I mention I can't wait until I get to paint?


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