More on Mori girl

Mum asked for some Mori Girl examples, so here they are.

Some photos of Mori girls, purloined from the web without credit, which is not kosher but as I saw these images in a bunch of different places without attribution, it makes it a little difficult to credit! (If these are yours, let me know and I will credit!)

So this is an example of Mori girl style:

whites, neutrals, pastels, long skirt, cute hat, lots of layers, sweet without being sugary. Here's a closeup:

I have a sundress from my teen years (yes, I do have great difficulty throwing out pretty things), that I think I could cut to get a skirt from, if I can but figure out how to make a waistband and attach skirt to waistband without going crazy. It could be a little shorter so another skirt could peek out from underneath, or serve as the longer petticoat...

Here's another Mori Girl look:

Love the waistcoat over the dress, and the lace headband. I went shopping at Yardage Town last weekend and picked up this lace (and some other things, but more on that some other time).

And here's a shot of me wearing the lace headband and what I'd call "Mori Girl Lite" (well, hardly Mori Girl at all from the waist down -- it lacks layers!) to church.

Which is lace headband, lace tank, cotton sweater, long blue skirt (the bright colors are more the Grimoire style--which is very Eastern European folk), natural ribbed wool socks and black flats that look a little like ballet slippers. Comfortable and flowy and it felt good. The part I was most uncertain of was the head band because I don't usually do anything with my hair.

Sorry. I don't ever do anything with my hair. Which is why the lace headband felt weird.

A couple more Mori girl examples:

Do you suppose they are wrist cuffs serving a new use? Not sure I'd ever do that, but they sure look cute!

I need me some brown boots.

So what do you think of Mori Girl?


  1. Love that look, nice and soft layers,very pretty, what's she wearing around her neck in the first shot looks like some fabric necklace. Love the headband. Mags arrived this morning bliss.

  2. Wow, I have never heard of this style but I love the layered flowing feminine look. Where did this style originate? It kind of reminds me of something of the Kate Greenaway era as depicted in her art. Fun post!

  3. Sandy -- originate is a big question. It comes out of Japan, but the influence is European forests, fairy tales and folk dress.

    I'll have to check out Kate Greenaway!


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