My Style

I wrote this last week. I thought while I'm feeling chatty, I may as well spread them out in even batches.

My fashion style seems to be three different kinds:

1) jeans and t-shirt: although my latest pair of jeans have rhinestones down the seams and my favorite shirts are printed with swirls, text and a bit bedazzled, my attire is usually pretty plain. I catch a bus and walk to work, so it has to be comfortable and not result in chafing! (was that TMI?)

2) loose and natural: my summer gear of long linen pants (see commute) and long sheer shirts

3) the 20s/30s look: this is probably the vaguest of the lot and is primarily evening wear. Long lightweight coats: plain, chinoiserie, float black pants, vintage styled silk tops

And there is a fourth. The few pieces that survived my brief foray into the goth world, although really they are a few velvet tops of various colors and black lace stuff.

There's also romantic swirly dresses and a long summer coat that I fell for but haven't actually worn (it really is gorgeous). These fit into the mori girl style, as does much of the "loose and natural" (apparently called natural kei in Japan), and my romantic pieces.

This is the long summer coat, front and back:

So it's semi my style already (although the idea of commuting wearing a skirt, bleh). I just have to make sure I'm not mutton dressed up as lamb. I think I can wear natural flowing clothes and add a layered look without heading for a kajillion ruffles or looking like a doll.

I like the idea of adapting a style to fit me and make it mine.

PS. I signed up for Mori Cupcake...

What about you? Do you have a style?


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