Young Victoria Collaborative Book (part two)

Here are the rest of the pages from the book. The back of Rita's page and the back of Cristina Sequino's (Sweet Pea Ink) page (I had to flip it because... well, you'll see in the next image):

Cristina's page flipped open, so I had to flip her page so it would remain functional! Behind the dress is a glammed image of Victoria. On the right is the front of Robin Sanchez's (Once Upon a Pink Moon) page. Isn't that fringe just amazing? And the lace skirt?

The back of Robin's page echoes my first page which is really cool, and nicely matches Pam Keravuori's page (love the detail in this and that it looks like a stage set!). Pam's blog is Pamela Jane's.
The back of Pam's page and the first "sign in" page. We sent our pages off individually so it became a bit of a challenge to incorporate everyone's tags and cards.

The other side of the signup page, which conceals yummy tags, and also a card that Sue sent that gave background to her page.

So there you have it! A simply scrumptious tactile book! I hope we get to do something together again.


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