Young Victoria Collaborative Book

So May was our deadline for getting our pages done and sending them off to each other to compile into a book. I think we did pretty well with the deadlines!

The beautiful pages sat in a (carefully protected) pile until two Mondays ago. Finally, I completed the "sign in" pages and put it all together.

It's kind of bulky :) And pretty fantastic and scrumptious: from soft teals and pale pinks to luxurious reds and golds! I ordered the pages so they'd reflect their neighbor page and that worked out pretty well.

I was thinking of redoing a couple of the pages I'd sent out to my partners, but I don't think I will now. The book is bulky enough as it is!

I have just realized that I haven't put up any images of the pages within my "Young Victoria" book here. If there's interest, I could do that, but it'll take me a little while and I still haven't got the Hudson Valley pictures from September up!

The book project came to be because I missed the people and the creativity of Silver Bella last year from practically the minute it was over. So this was my way of continuing that delight.


  1. What I would not give to thumb though that book, it looks delightfully delicious! I am sure it will be enjoyed by all. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for visiting.


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