Christmas baking update #3

Sunday's baking included:
  • bacon cheddar mini loaves (and I made mini-muffins too). Smelt heavenly.
  • rum balls
  • the brandied fruit mince part of the brandied fruit mince pies. It needs to hang out with the brandy for a while.
Yesterday's baking included:
  • malted milk chocolate brownies. The batter tasted yummy, they are in the oven right now.
So that leaves us with:
  • springerle
  • finishing the brandied fruit mince pies
  • peanut butter fudge
  • poppy orange quick bread
  • pumpkin whoopie pies (although I suspect I shall probably give these a miss)
  • lebkuchen
  • gingerbread muffins (shall probably give the banana choc chip muffins a miss as well as they are so similar to the banana white chocolate brown sugar quickbread I've already made)


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