Christmas baking update #4

Springerle got scratched. I pulled the dough out of the fridge to roll flat and it crumbled. Crumbled! #^$#%$

Made a second batch of peanut butter fudge, although I think I forgot to add salt. It tastes different, but then I also used some low-fat p.b. Second batch of Milky Way Delight in progress. Both so that we have Christmas goodies on the actual Christmas.

Made pumpkin whoopie pies today and um, rather enjoyed sitting in front of the tv and eating the last of the ginger-specked cream cheese frosting. Mmmm.

And so I am waiting for the last ingredient to arrive for the brandied fruit mince tarts so it can have some time to party with the brandy before I make them Christmas Eve. I was hoping it would come today, but its made it as far as my post office so maybe tomorrow...

And that's it. Aside from the tarts I am done!


  1. I am baking as I sit here... Russian teacakes are in my oven...
    Many blessings to you and your family this wonderful Christmas week


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