Christmas baking...

So I like to bake things every year, partly for the family gathering and partly as gifts. Here's my wishlist. We'll see how many of these I do.
  • St. Lucia buns
  • springerle
  • rum balls
  • fudge (probably peanut butter)
  • Milky Way delight
  • poppy orange quick bread
  • bacon cheese quick bread
  • banana brown sugar white chocolate quick bread
  • pumpkin whoopie pies
  • malted milk brownie bites
  • brandied mince tarts
  • lebkuchen (gingerbready stuff)
  • banana choc chip muffins
  • gingerbread muffins
Ok, it's pretty unlikely I'll get to the muffins but I do have two weekends to get it all done in.

What's on your Christmas baking list?


  1. that's a lot of cooking to get done, like the sound of the quick breads could you give the recipe for orange poppyseed?


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