Munich, the 5th Day

day 5... we went to the Residenz, the former home of Bavarian royalty.

First though a picture of the Old Town Hall which is right next to the New Town Hall in Marienplatz. It looks newer because it was destroyed during WWII and they rebuilt it. A lot of churches were badly damaged during the war and most of them appear to have been fully restored.

(And yes, more Christmas market. There was one inside the Residenz courtyard too.)

These are the lions guarding some monument. They look a bit chilly. They were selling Christmas trees and other greens in front of them. St. Catherine's is the yellow building behind it.

We took a tour of the Residenz itself, as opposed to the Treasury, or the theatre, etc. This was in the Relics room. Relics were a big thing in Catholicism back in the day (and I think one of the things Luther may have ranted about). I thought it was the odd finger bone or piece of the cross or his shroud.

Oh no, it goes much further than that. This might be a bit macabre, but these are supposed to be two of the Holy Innocents murdered when Herod was trying to get rid of Jesus the baby (who'd already fled). Those are mummified bodies wrapped in embroidered silk inside that casket.

And on that cheery note.....

Monday, I share my absolute favorite place we went to the whole time (of one week) that we were there. Any guesses?


  1. The Haufbrahouse? :) By the way, in the summer you get the "treat" of nude sunbathers in the English garden!

  2. nope nope, not the Hofbrauhouse!


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