Munich, day 6, and my favorite....

I have tons of photos from this day, and I was gonna share them all, but surely you're tired of all this Munich stuff by now and want to hear how my Christmas baking is going, or something.

Did you guess what my favorite place is?

Except we saw it in the snow. We got a nice sunny day for the bus tour day trip. Here's a picture of it from the bus. I kinda like how I managed to make the tree look like a swirly frame for the castle. Pure accident, I assure you. The bus was not really slowing down for us to take pictures.

And it was a good 35 minute slog up a hill that got steeper as we went in 24 deg Fahrenheit (approx) weather. (That's -6 for the Celcius folk.)

This is in the courtyard before our walking tour, which involved many many curving stairs, began.

I fell in love with the effect of light in the Bavarian Alps. Here's one that occurred before we made the last part of the trek to the gatehouse.

And here's the delicate light of the sunset as we were walking back down the hill....

OK, I lied, there will be two more posts on Munich and then we're done. Really.

Well, sort of. As you will see.


  1. Beautiful, no wonder you said you'd go back in a heartbeat.Happy baking, love you.

  2. I lived in Germany for a while as a teenager and the castles were my favorite part. We used to tour castles whenever we could, and I spent a lot of time day dreaming about princesses. What beautiful places they have there. And that one is the best of all.

    Merry Christmas!


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