#reverb10 and baking update

I am all caught up with the #reverb10 daily prompts. Can't wait to see what tomorrow's is.

Baking on the other hand. It's been interesting this year, to say the least. For example, even though I have made springerle before, this time the dough just crumbled when I tried to roll it. So, no springerle this year....

The lebkuchen got made, as did the peanut butter fudge (the latter is almost gone, so I'm making another batch of it and the Milky Way Delight tomorrow). Haven't tried it (the lebkuchen) yet. It's supposed to be good 2-3 days after making, so I'm making myself wait.

I'm hoping the candied peel arrives from King Arthur Flour tomorrow so it has a chance to hang out with the brandy before I make the brandied fruit mince tarts. That happens on Friday morning.

Tomorrow, I unveil my favorite part of my trip to Munich/Bavaria....


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