#reverb10 finished; goals set

I wasn't planning to share any pages from the #reverb series, but I thought I would share a couple that I don't mind, well, sharing! I filled up this entire notebook, mainly because I chose to glue pages together to prevent leak-through. The cool this is there are 2-3 more in this set that I can use in upcoming years for the same/similar purpose.

I don't remember which two days these were. I decided not to date them as I went. I'm sharing this one because of the right-hand side page. That, my friends, is what the salt and pepper comes in when you fly United. So it's this cool little double-sided window! (great for a subpage, but I didn't think that one ahead)

I kept it pretty simple. It was more important to me to respond honestly to the prompts (ok, am not sure about the jumping jacks part below) than to go all out with prettiness. But the Pitt artist pens did the job pretty well, I think.

I still have one page left of the #reverb10 to finish, and that's the photo prompt. I'm planning to use a pic I took using the Photobooth app on my iPhone which is most awesome (the app, and the pic!). Just have to print it out!

At the end I listed my art goals and my faith goals for 2011. But I didn't scan those pages in, so here they are:

Art Goals for 2011:
  1. Finish all the "La Sirena" paintings. Even the massive one.
  2. Alter and create clothes, mori-style
  3. Tackle Madonna Montage wall-hanging
  4. Define my artistic style
  5. Devise an art series that shares hope/faith/love.
(They are probably all hairy audacious goals, but #5 would be quite the accomplishment if I got there.)

Faith Goals for 2011:
  1. Find time to be in silence with God and make it a new habit. (I've only been trying, and failing, to do this since June!)
  2. Go on retreat to St. Mary's at least twice...


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